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Cookies are small files that websites put on your computer's hard drive or on your mobile phone's browser. Cookies are widely used in order to operate websites, improve the user experience and to communicate certain information to the owner of a website. Our cookies can store information about your online preferences and enable us to tailor our website to your preferences.


Users always have the ability to adjust their computer settings to accept all cookies or to decline them or to be notified when a cookie is used. The refusal of cookies may result in certain personalised services not being offered to the user, which may prevent full use of all the website's functionalities.
If you wish to reject the use of all or part of the cookies, you must adjust your browser settings.


During your visit to the website, we collect, independently of the use of cookies, through the simple connection established by your telephone with the site, information about you, including your operating system, browser version, domain name and IP address, the last web page visited and the pages of the site you visit. We may use this information for marketing, advertising, profile composition or other promotional purposes.

The information collected by cookies can help us analyse site usage and enable us to provide a better user experience. The information collected by cookies may be used to identify you.


Technical cookies :
Some of our cookies are strictly necessary for the use of the site and certain features of the site. These functional cookies cannot be refused when using the site. This category includes, among others, cookies to record whether or not a user has consented to the use of cookies on the site.

Session cookies and preference cookies :
We may use cookies to facilitate the use of the site, such as the possibility offered to the user to navigate through the different pages. These cookies cease to function at the end of a session (for example, when the user closes the browser window). We may also use cookies to store your preferences and choices on the site for a longer period of time. In general, these cookies will cease to be active after two years.

Analysis cookies :
We may use analysis cookies to improve the performance, marketing strategy and personalisation of the site by collecting information on the number of visitors, how visitors arrive at the site and how they use the site (such as which pages are visited most often). For these reasons, we may in the future or currently use analysis cookies and related cookies from ADOBE (Adobe Analytics - click here for Adobe's privacy policy) and Google (Google Analytics), which will cease to be active after two years.

The "Social networks" cookies
We may choose to implement third party websites and specifically social networking features on our site. These features include scripts or other elements that can read or place cookies from these social networks on your device. These cookies allow advertising to be personalised. We do not have access to or control of these cookies or the data collected by these cookies, as we only administer the Site, but we would still like to inform you and obtain your consent to do so.


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